Duran Blazquez Architecture Engineering is collaborating with Unitech for the development of Unitech Zefyros II Windmill Icebreaker.

Unitech is now the owner of its Hywind Demo floating wind turbine in Norway called Unitech Zefyros, used as an infrastructure for research and technology projects in Metcentre at Karmøy. This windmill is the World’s First Floating Wind Turbine ever created.

In its next phase, the floating turbine will also be utilized as a hub for connecting new turbines, and for the development, testing and qualification of new technologies, as well as teaching and training.

The pioneering work that became this historic wind turbine will be transferred to a new phase and made available for research and technology development as part of the “Sustainable Energy Ocean Test Facility” and for the benefit of all those who are concerned with Sustainable Energy at sea.

Unitech Zefyros II Windmill Icebreaker.

The project consists of a collaboration between the local, regional and national administrations of Norway with the Unitech Offshore company, and is linked in turn to the research and development center of Unitech in Rubbestadneset.

The program consists of a teaching center at the university, secondary school and vocational training levels linked to the sciences of the sea in its broadest vision. In this way the agreement will develop university and professional training of various subjects such as engineering, research, fishing or fish farms in the same building.

Talent Arena. University and training center of marine sciences in Rubbestadneset.

We are working on a project for the renovation and widening of a historic building in Bergen, on Skuteviksbodene with a budget of 2.5 million €.

The building is protected, built in 1680 and one of the oldest conserved in Bergen, whose roof was damaged during an explosion in WWII. The works have appeared in several Norwegian magazines, national TV and have even a fan facebook page to follow the works.

The building will be used for cultural purposes, according to the developer Bernt Henrik Hellesøe, who is chair of the board of Unitech Offshore AS. According to him: "I have lived 40 years outside Norway, including in the Netherlands. I have seen how to preserve ancient buildings and culture. When I came home to Norway again, I wanted to strike a small blow for the culture, and bought this unique seabed".

Renovation for a Cultural Center building in 1.680 building at Skuteviksbodene 9, Bergen.

The proposal proposes the development of the industrial port of Bomlo in the North Sea, getting new space for buildings creating new land reclaimed from the sea.

The proposal shows the possible urban development and circulation of automobiles, as well as the new industrial capacities that could be generated in the area.


Proposal for expansion of Bomlo´s Industrial dock.


El colegio Conde Campillos es un centro de enseñanza de larga trayectoria en el municipio de Cehegín. Debido a las obras anexas del auditorio municipal la zona norte del recinto se presentaba como un espacio de transición entre el colegio y un nuevo lugar público  deslamazado por los diversos usos que había tenido a lo largo de los años.

Finalización del Colegio Conde Campillos / Conde Campillos College.

El edificio se destina a comedor infantil del complejo formado por el instituto y el colegio.


Comedor en el Colegio del Convento. Cehegín. // Infantile building at the college of the convent. Cehegín.

The project is based on the design of a research and technological development building that looks towards the 21st century as an opportunity for greater diversification and research within the Norwegian industry.

The complex, located in Rubbestadneset, will have work areas for research on new technologies, machinery development, computer science, data, conferences, reception and offices, in order to be to be a national and global reference of research.

The project is developed in collaboration with the Dutch company B + B Arkitekter AS.

Teknologisenter Rubbestadneset / Technological centre in Rubbestadneset / Centro técnologico en Rubbestadneset

 The area of intervention is what remains of what was previously the sports hall of the municipal pavilion. In the snow storm of the year 2016, the roof of the track collapsed, with what today there is a floor on the ground floor with beams propped on the first floor.

The intervention covers only a part of what was the sports track, linked to the Carmen Conde C. The rest of the building includes changing rooms, offices, swimming pool and other rooms of use linked to it.

Sport pavilion in Cehegín / Pabellón Loli de Gea en Cehegín / Pavillon du sport à Cehegín/

 We have projected a passive house in the northwestern range of Murcia.

In addition to the largest thermal and acoustic insulation on the market, the house has geothermal facilities with 12 wells 130 meters deep around the house, photovoltaic solar panels, solar panels for hot water, underfloor heating, heated indoor pool and heat recovery systems.


Casa Durrant: Casa Pasiva en Murcia / Durrant Passive house in Murcia / Maison passive à Murcia.

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