The proposal proposes the development of the industrial port of Bomlo in the North Sea, getting new space for buildings creating new land reclaimed from the sea.

The proposal shows the possible urban development and circulation of automobiles, as well as the new industrial capacities that could be generated in the area.


Proposal for expansion of Bomlo´s Industrial dock.


El colegio Conde Campillos es un centro de enseñanza de larga trayectoria en el municipio de Cehegín. Debido a las obras anexas del auditorio municipal la zona norte del recinto se presentaba como un espacio de transición entre el colegio y un nuevo lugar público  deslamazado por los diversos usos que había tenido a lo largo de los años.

Finalización del Colegio Conde Campillos / Conde Campillos College.

El edificio se destina a comedor infantil del complejo formado por el instituto y el colegio.


Comedor en el Colegio del Convento. Cehegín. // Infantile building at the college of the convent. Cehegín.

The project is based on the design of a research and technological development building that looks towards the 21st century as an opportunity for greater diversification and research within the Norwegian industry.

The complex, located in Rubbestadneset, will have work areas for research on new technologies, machinery development, computer science, data, conferences, reception and offices, in order to be to be a national and global reference of research.

The project is developed in collaboration with the Dutch company B + B Arkitekter AS.

Teknologisenter Rubbestadneset / Technological centre in Rubbestadneset / Centro técnologico en Rubbestadneset

The area of intervention is what remains of what was previously the sports hall of the municipal pavilion. In the snow storm of the year 2016, the roof of the track collapsed, with what today there is a floor on the ground floor with beams propped on the first floor.

The intervention covers only a part of what was the sports track, linked to the Carmen Conde C. The rest of the building includes changing rooms, offices, swimming pool and other rooms of use linked to it.

Sport pavilion in Cehegín / Pabellón Loli de Gea en Cehegín / Pavillon du sport à Cehegín/

 We have projected a passive house in the northwestern range of Murcia.

In addition to the largest thermal and acoustic insulation on the market, the house has geothermal facilities with 12 wells 130 meters deep around the house, photovoltaic solar panels, solar panels for hot water, underfloor heating, heated indoor pool and heat recovery systems.


Casa Durrant: Casa Pasiva en Murcia / Durrant Passive house in Murcia / Maison passive à Murcia.

The Old Town of Cehegín was declared a Historic-Artistic Site by the Ministry of Culture in 1982. There is also a Special Plan for Interior Reform in the same as local urban regulations, and a catalog of areas and buildings of interest.

The original housing consists of several extensions on a conventual building of S XVI. Previous to this are the remains of medieval wall and tower of the XII and XIII centuries of the Arab premurala. In the area closest to Calle Mayor, the newest areas of the house are probably located on the convent building. These, together with the entrance to L, are modifications of the S XVIII and IXX.

Hotel Palacio Góngora / Gongora Palace Hotel / Gongora Palace Hôtel

UNITECH is a leading supplier of subsea connector and distribution systems, infield umbilicals and flying leads. Their focus on Engineered Simplicity and Single Source Solutions enables them to provide substantial cost reductions in subsea oil and gas development projects to their clients.

During the last 30 years Unitech have turned out to be the most important subsea connector and distribution systems supplier across the world, having the most important Oil & Gas extractors and distributors as clients worldwide.

Unitech Research and Development Center / Unitech forsknings- og utviklingssenter / Centro de Investigación y desarrollo de Unitech.

 The commission consists in transforming the design, image and form of the general design of the vessel made by a nautical company for rescue works, construction, underwater installations and offshore reforms.

 The purpose of the assignment is to update the initial image of the ship, pracmatic but conventional, to a more innovative and groundbreaking design, reflecting the corporate brand of Unitech, one of the most important international companies in marine and underwater constructions, related to the world of oil and gas extraction.

I attach a new article about the rescue operation that is planned in Norway regarding a WWII 70-year-old German submarine sunk with about 65,000 kilograms of mercury located in the wreck on the seabed off the island of Fedje in Hordaland.

Duran Blazquez Architecture_ Engineering have participated in the project, redesigning the rescue vessel planned by Unitech and partners in order to participate in the rescue mission.
The core of the battle is the mercury load, which is probably Norway's largest point source or so-called "hot spot" of pollutants.

Unitech Slvage Offshore rescue Vessel

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