Unitech Research and Development Center / Unitech forsknings- og utviklingssenter / Centro de Investigación y desarrollo de Unitech.

UNITECH is a leading supplier of subsea connector and distribution systems, infield umbilicals and flying leads. Their focus on Engineered Simplicity and Single Source Solutions enables them to provide substantial cost reductions in subsea oil and gas development projects to their clients.

During the last 30 years Unitech have turned out to be the most important subsea connector and distribution systems supplier across the world, having the most important Oil & Gas extractors and distributors as clients worldwide.

Having offices across the world in Norway, Australia, Singapore, and USA, their identity mark is the constant innovation that let them stay in the breakthrough of the Oil & Gas industry, counting with the most innovative motivated staff of the sector.

Including in their expansion plan, we received this commission to develop a Research and Development Center, with the premises of creating a captor of natural light with ultra-technological spaces to develop a high alert- collaborative – multidisciplinary mood for the best researchers across the world.

As Unitech design, test, manufacture, develop control systems and install complete distribution and connexion in subsea facilities across the world, we projected a functional building using the most advances materials, metals, alloys, protective coverings and structures.

Offices and research areas are also related within the building. The facilities are situated in Bomlo, surrounded by other Unitech facilities related with umbilical wire and other related products fabrication, testing and design services and other similar developments.

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