Vivienda en las Torres de Cotillas / Torres de Cotillas House

La vivienda que esta a punto de  finalizar, se planteaba para su construcción en un tiempo record de 4 meses mediante el uso de un sistema semiindustrializado de construcción que reducirá los plazos habituales para este tipo de edificios.

El programa consiste en el habitual para este tipo de residencias con una planta superior diáfana y una planta semisótano dedicada a a aparcamiento.

The property is proposed for construction in a record time of four months using a semi-industrialized building system that will reduce the normal time limits for this type of building.

The program consists of the usual for this type of residences with an free top floor and basement floor dedicated to parking.

The building's north-facing elevation culminates in a large deck that is shaded by an overhanging roof. Windows on the eastern side look out onto the house's entry yard and are protected from the sun by a canopy that covers the external staircase.

To achieve the requirements, we gave the structure a split-level plan with a staircase in the centre. This minimised the need for corridors, ensuring that all space is used efficiently.

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